Walnut Dancer
Walnut Dancer
Flower, Hand, Piggy, Flower
Pear and Mary
Dreamroom with Pear and Mary
Ikebana and Powder
Dreamroom with Ikebana & Powder
Case 5
Unicorn 5
Dedicated To The One I Love
Plan B
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Case 1 in Dream Room
Case 2 in Dream Room
Case 3 in Dream Room
Two Dancers
 Man with Earings
Deep Clean
Bronze Flower
Wrapped Ads
Suede Flower
Candy and Her Motorcycle
Mary & Child with Three Strips
Leather Flower
The Worker, Homage to Michaelangelo
Ikebana 1
Yellow Dreamrooms
Motorcycle Flag
I'm Terrified of Being Poor
I Fell In Love With Him
Two Lovers
Average Woman
The New Royals
Where Does One Learn To Love?